VH900 Tumbler

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Discover the perfect balance of affordability and efficiency with the VH900 Tumbler – your go-to solution for automated hands-free wet blasting. Elevate your surface finish and scale your business effortlessly! Backed by the Industry’s Best LIFETIME WARRANTY, this remarkable machine is proudly 100% Built in the USA, embodying the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Benefit from an UPGRADE OPTION WITHOUT DEPRECIATION, complemented by dedicated American Tech Support available Monday to Friday. Engineered as an Industrial Machine Built to Last a Lifetime, the VH900 Tumbler features a robust Stainless Steel construction, a Precision Air Regulator, and 2 LED Light Bars for consistent, reliable performance.

Designed with user convenience in mind, the VH900 Tumbler is a front  load cabinet, and is designed for easy basket removal to take advantage of the manual touchup feature. The automated basket is controlled via a timer for consistent output.

The VH900 operates with a High Volume Pump, ensuring efficiency, and includes a Window Wiper for Better Visibility throughout the blasting process.

Rest easy knowing that the VH900 comes fully Factory Tested and Assembled Before Shipping, delivering a turnkey solution for your surface finishing requirements. Upgrade your business with the VH900 Tumbler – an American-built wet blasting powerhouse that not only guarantees quality results but also stands the test of time.

For upgrades such as the immersion heater, casters, or other accommodations, please call us at 828-202-5563.