Benchtop Spray Booth

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Introducing our Bench-Top Spray Booth, the ultimate solution for all your painting, powder coating, Cerakoting needs and more that still fits comfortably in your garage.

Crafted with practicality and functionality in mind, this compact booth measures 28" wide, 40" tall, and 28" deep, easily fitting seamlessly into your workspace. Its multiple fixturing racks allow you to suspend your parts effortlessly, providing a convenient setup for your projects.

Equipped with an 18" light bar, our booth ensures optimal visibility during painting sessions, minimizing errors and ensuring precise results.

What truly sets our booth apart is its efficient suction system, designed to swiftly draw away over-spray, keeping your workspace clean and your projects pristine.

Say goodbye to fumes when you combine your spray booth with a 4" air filter plus an optional carbon filter (for Cerakote). This guarantees a fume-free painting experience. 

Choose the entry point that suits you best - our booth can ship flat-packed or pre-assembled, offering flexibility tailored to your preferences. These two options allow you to choose between saving money or time, depending on your needs. 

Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on a spray booth right now, and get started on your projects quickly!


NOTE: The Spray Booth does not include the fan, hoses, or the carbon filter. One 4" air filter is included.