Questions to consider for Tractor Restoration

Questions to consider for Tractor Restoration

Taking something old and giving it a new purpose or a new life is an amazing yet, challenging process. For some, it is an opportunity to be lucrative. For others, its a hobby that gives personal satisfaction, a thrill, and pride of giving something a new life, a fresh start.

Those that fall in the hobbyist category are often challenged with time and cost restraints that hinder a profit being made of their hard work and giving these Agricultural monuments of history a second life. However, the questions of how prevails. We’re hoping these questions will help hobbyists and remanufactures.

1.) Explore your options

It costs about $1,000 to buy an old tractor at an auction. You can buy directly from sellers or pick up Junker’s placed alongside the road or abandoned farms from people who are desperate to rid of an eyesore.

Exploring your options for Tractor Restoration 

2.) Pictures, lots of them

   If you can’t find the manual, be sure to take lots of pictures during the teardown or even better, video. Be sure to place all the small parts in a plastic bag and label these parts and yes, you need to tear down the whole thing.

Removing the rust and make parts like new- No Chemicals needed.

The most common method is sandblasting or paint stripping to remove paint, grease, and grime. This can be costly, time-consuming and dangerous. However, Wet Blasting can speed up this process, be an environmentally and budget-friendly option while saving space. If you choose the right media/abrasive, your equipment could pay for itself. If a Wet Blasting Cabinet isn’t in your budget, financing options are available.

Speaking of time. Do you have it spare?

It’s said that you can easily spend 100 to 250 hours to restore your tractor. Spend your time wisely and ensure that you charge as such. There’s a lot of work, time and passion that goes into restoring these beautiful hallmarks of our agricultural history.


Spend your time wisely for tractor restoration