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How to smooth 3D prints - Using Vapor Blasting Technologies

Smoothing 3D Prints can be quite challenging depending on what material you are trying to smooth. Of course, your 3D metal prints are considered the most challenging of all materials. However, when selecting the right abrasive in a vapor hone system you can accomplish smoothing the surface quite easily. The challenge most times is to determine whats smooth enough. We’ve seen this vary between accounts.


 Finished 3D image using Vapor Blasting



Some 3D plastic parts can be sanded by hand or with belt sanders, while inexpensive this method isn't consistent, doesn't work on small parts and is time-consuming. When parts are judged on accuracy and durability, you need to be conscious of how much to remove. Removing too much can cause unnecessary design adjustments or scraping the whole part altogether. 


Bead Blasting

Bead Blasting is flexible and can be used on 3D parts through the product development cycle. There's versatility in the media, however, using the wrong bead can damage the part and doesn't allow for mass completion. 


Vapor Blasting

Vapor Blasting 3D parts provide great efficiency, consistency, and accuracy. Each finish can vary based on the approach and which media you decide to use.  Clcik here to see the video